Kris Humphries To Become Mr. Kim Kardashian Today

Do you think that Kim Kardashian loves Kris Humphries just a teensy bit more because his name is spelled with a ‘K’?  I think she probably does, and I think she took the spelling of his name as some kind of sign that it was meant to be for her and her soon to be husband.  Kim has been busy getting ready for her nuptials today but still found the time to tweet out a pic of a personalized gift that she received – a hangar reading ‘Mrs Humphries.  Kinda made me laugh because you know that there’s no way in hell that girl be changing her name! 

The most over exploited wedding since Star Jones marriedAl Whatshisname is going down tonight in Santa Barbara and if your invite got lost in the mail, don’t worry – you’ll be able to catch every.single.detail on the two part special that is being aired on E!  You can also just follow along any of the Kardashian girls twitter feeds for breaking up to the minute news like this gem that Kim posted last night;

Late night eyebrows by Anastasia! Check out her light mouthpiece to get a close up of my brows! LOL

Then she posted the following pic;


How lucky she had on her best jewels, perfect hair and makeup for this ‘candid’ picture.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever had your eyebrows plucked but I can assure you I have never had such a serene look on my face while it’s happening. 

So I’m actually kind of looking forward to this wedding being over and done with because I think America is finally getting ‘Kardashian’d’ out.  At least I hope so anyway.  I never quite understood the fascination with the whole Kardashian thing but I always chalked it up to being Canadian and having taste.  I mean really, this is a woman who became famous for screwing her boyfriend and filming it.  Not a lot of respect there, sorry.

It seems like Kim is trying to equate her wedding to that of the Royal Wedding and to that I say ‘Whoa – hold up there sex tape girl!’ First – there is nothing Royal about Kim Kardashian and second, stop it.  I mean really, stop it.  I would equate this wedding more with Trista and Ryan from The Bachelorette more than I would with The Prince and Princess. 

So if you’re interested in seeing every single detail from this wedding (and rest assured that there will be cameras there to capture every last moment) you can head over to E! Online for their up to the minute in depth coverage. 

As for me I’m just hoping that all this ridiculous koverage ends after today so we kan all get back to normal.


Photos courtesy of Kim Kardashian Twitter




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