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Celebrate 1 Million Fans With Me And The Children’s Place

If you have kids chances are you shop at The Children’s Place. I have 4 kids so needless to say I shop there more than I shop at pretty much any other store. They have cute clothes, fantastic prices and some pretty cool novelty items that you just can’t get at any other store (I’ve […]

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Entourage – The Final Season (Enough With The Whining Already!)

Entourage – The Final Season premiered last night and all of twitter was buzzing with excitement. And I must admit – I was too. I’ve watched Entourage from the start and I love all the characters and last season things got too stupid for that to be the end of it. I didn’t like how last […]

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Look Ma! I’m On TV!

A few days ago while on Facebook I saw some pictures posted on our local Daytime Ottawa talk show page. Daytime Ottawa is hosted by the awesome duo of TL Rader and Derick Fage and the pictures were of various guest hosts who had filled in. As soon as I saw them I immediately emailed […]

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